The seed

It all started in my childhood. Having seen how my father went out every day to look for bread and to see the difficulties that both he and other people have in the region, I decided to leave there and look for a «better» future studying in the city.

It was there when I saw that nothing is as they paint it and that living in the city gives you more opportunities, but not more happiness. It was then that I began to feel stress and anxiety due to the hectic routine, the lack of nature, not knowing anyone and the lack of interest of people to meet you. You are one of the bunch …

I have traveled to many countries and lived in different cities, and I have always seen the same pattern, and that many people feel the same way as I do. It was then that my feelings got an idea …

Why not relieve stress and anxiety for people living in cities… while helping to improve the lives of people in rural areas?

After several years working, saving and perfecting my idea, it was when I took control of my life and decided to take the path that would really make me happy.

In January 2020, I left a well-paid job as a logistics manager for a multinational company, for an idea with which to improve the lives of people who live in cities, as well as in rural areas such as the region from which I come.

Right at that moment the pandemic began, the borders were closed and I saw how these areas were even more fragile and more exposed to crises than I thought. In turn, people in cities were even more trapped in the routine of work and in tiny flats, causing anxiety and stress to increase, and did you feel it too?

I know some people questioned whether he would make it. Even so, I have only had eyes for this project and I can say that this pandemic year has made me improve as a person and as a professional, learning from areas that I never thought I would learn.

It was there when I defined Hiddenland Experience, a platform to connect people with nature in a simple and complete way.

In this way, we will turn around the lifestyle that began in the industrial age, and re-learn that rural areas can be incredible options where to relax with getaways or even go live because we have the technology for it.

It is now more than ever when we can get in our cars and travel close to home. We can enjoy small towns and rural communities.

It is now when we have more freedom than ever, from working remotely from another home to taking long trips or regularly with family, partner and friends.

This crisis taught me our true character and I saw the truth about who we are and how we want to live.

Human ties

It’s not just about traveling. When I arrived in Madrid with all my joy and enthusiasm, I saw that something was totally different from my life in the town.

Everywhere I went, I saw people around me, tall buildings and hardly any nature. Nobody greets you, you are one of the millions of people who get up every day to work and return in the same way, or even more physically and mentally tired.

Therefore, as soon as I had the opportunity, I put my apartment up for rent, treating people as I had learned to be treated, with familiarity, closeness and affection.

My first guests found in that place (we affectionately called it “La buriguera”) a place where they could talk, unload our daily lives, grow together and make plans to get out of the city. I have received three guests in different years, Marco, Álvaro and Kevin, who corroborated my thesis. They came as strangers and left as family, with ties that will last forever.

It’s not about traveling, but about the bonds you create with people when you travel and how you feel in that place.

It was at that moment when I understood that there are many people who can teach this philosophy of life from where I learned them, my Hidden Land. That unknown place with hardworking, happy, close and caring people.

Once you understand this, you realize that there are many hidden lands and that in them you find this same feeling and each one with its peculiarities.

Therefore, I encourage you to discover these hidden lands at the hands of its inhabitants, knowing their way of life, their philosophy and their customs that in many cases are dying out.

I encourage you to create deeper and closer connections with people wherever you go.

And I encourage you not to settle for frantic trips with which you get back home even more tired than you left. Enjoy, seek your peace and those environments where you can always return.


We all have something to offer

This approach is what has helped me travel many places always giving my best and giving my best, wherever I went.

Many times, when we are in a small environment, isolated from the world, we focus on what we see. In the jobs in which we have been educated since childhood, we do not know other things.

I deeply believe that everyone is good at something, and great if you really love what you do, even if it’s not your job. Many times an opportunity comes from a hobby that makes you happy, the world is full of such cases.

I have created Hiddenland Experience with this idea, that is why I encourage all people who live in rural areas to show their area in a creative and different way.

I have seen people who love fishing and go to their favorite spots to do sport fishing every week. Show it, share it, I have designed this project so that everyone with an idea can make it come true and create a hobby with their favorite hobby, because that will make you happy, as this project is making me happy, since my hobby is doing this a better world by supporting people and making them feel better.

Reflect and use your imagination to teach the world how to enjoy your area. Fishing, hiking, adventure sports, environmental classes, driving, avem yoga… Everything is possible if you take action, and now it is easier than ever with the tool that we are developing together.

It is said that crises help with creativity, and that is why during the crisis I was able to create this application. But there is more, here is a personal example:

My father created an oil factory, an oil mill. And I really tell you that olive oil is a very mature sector and difficult to differentiate. Thanks to his imagination and the desire to differentiate himself and contribute based on his love for this product, he has created something different, a place where each farmer can make his own oil. That is to innovate, but even so, it is only a market close to the farmers in the area.

Thanks to Hiddenland Experience and a little creativity we have developed a unique experience where everyone can learn the oil process, even renting plots of olive trees to create their own oil.

Thinking creatively and sharing what you like with the rest of the world will allow us to create new experiences that connect with people. Because as I said at the beginning … it’s not just about traveling.

That is why I urge everyone who has an idea to translate it into experience. We are here to help you achieve it.


My biggest goal is to unite people with nature in a way that creates bonds between communities and improves people’s lives.

Thanks to all the people who are supporting me every day and to all those who decide to collaborate, we are together seeing this dream come true.

Thank you for all the improvement comments, which make us improve the application every day and reach more people and rural environments.

Thank you for believing in this philosophy, thank you for teaching it to me, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach it to more people.

For all this, thank you.

Sergio Mundi


«Wherever you go, go with all your heart» (Confucius)